jeudi 23 septembre 2010

Migrate Joomla! Of php4 towards php5

Often nowadays in the use of Joomla! Someone modulate or someone template raise problems with regard to the version php installed by base.

It can entrainez of the errors during the display of articles for example.

Of base Joomla! Is configured php4 there and more and more one needs a version php5.

To migrate it is very simple!

- Connect you on your server via your customers ftp.

- Get back in a file on your computer the htaccess.txt file in the root of the site.

- Open in the block note and to add the line: SetEnv PHP_VER 5

- Register(record).

- Go back on your customer ftp and reappoint the file .htaccess

- Copy to your server, and delete the file maintaining too: htaccess.txt

Voila you have just migrated your site towards php5!

32 commentaires:

  1. AHAHAHA! Now I have something to impress my Joomla friends when I switch to PHP 5, thanks friend!

  2. what do you think of these new browser wars?
    do you think firefox4 will be able to de-throne IE any time soon or is IE9 gonna secure that position for MS?
    suppin; keep it up.

  3. Cant wait for you to post some more of this.

  4. I had some serious issues the last time I used Joomla. There was an exploit that got... exploited. Had to completely shut down three of my sites, rebuild the databases, etc. It was horrid. I finally got tired of it and just shut the sites down.

    How secure are things these days?

  5. i am a drupal fan but will keep this in mind in case joomla gets in the way:)

  6. ever since i switched to editorial design, i've been very rusty with the new web-languages.
    i think i've fallen way behind...sigh.
    i should probably take a class.
    thanks for the info.

  7. Seems easy to set yourself up to php5

  8. Informative Blog

    Thanks for Sharing !!